Hey there, I'm Satiya Amporful, the proud owner of Uniquely Global, nestled in downtown Minneapolis. Having traversed the diverse landscapes of Japan, Germany, and Korea during my upbringing, I developed a deep appreciation for cultural richness. Raised in a family rooted in military service, diversity, culture, and community became intrinsic values to me. Despite not receiving encouragement to pursue entrepreneurship, my childhood aspirations of becoming a fashion designer never faded. In 2019, a transformative journey to Accra, Ghana with my husband reignited those dreams. Our visit yielded treasures of art, jewelry, and dresses, sparking the idea of carving out a space where cultural reflections could be shared and celebrated. Hosting intimate gatherings for family and friends to showcase these items marked the inception of Uniquely Global.

The pandemic unexpectedly extended my stay in Ghana from a summer exploration to a 15-month creative odyssey. During this time, I transformed a small plot of land into a bustling fashion studio, employing local artisans and fostering economic empowerment within marginalized communities. Witnessing the impact on families, particularly in providing access to education for their children, reinforced my commitment to uplifting these communities.

Despite the challenges posed by technological limitations and intermittent electrical disruptions faced by our artisans, I remain steadfast in my belief that funding and patience are key to overcoming these obstacles. My regular travels to Africa allow me to maintain crucial networks and invest in workforce development initiatives.

However, I've encountered difficulties in establishing a robust online presence and generating sales through e-commerce channels. Despite setting up a Shopify store in 2020, sales have been minimal, and efforts to drive engagement through social media have been met with limited success. I'm eager to undergo a comprehensive audit of our social media platforms, website, and marketing strategies to enhance our online visibility and foster a stronger sense of community. Our mission to promote sustainability is evident in initiatives such as our partnership with local "street boys" who collect beach trash for recycling, although this program had to be paused due to financial constraints.

I'm committed to continuously evolving and improving Uniquely Global, and I'm open to exploring innovative solutions to address our current challenges and propel us towards greater success.

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