Uniquely Global Do It Yourself (DIY)

Find your inner creator

We offer textiles to fashion pillows, duvets, curtains and spices, creams, oils and butters to create recipes, lotions shower gels and even soaps!!! You really cant fail and if you do-WHO CARES its all part of the learning process.

With this collection of supplies you will have authentic and all natural materials to make your OWN unique handmade products.

RAW AFRICAN SHEA BUTTER Unrefined Pure GHANA Regular price $5 +
Red, Gold & Green Embroidered Kente 2pcs Regular price $320
Vlisco Holland Fabric 6yds Sale price $90
Brown Underlay, black and Red Embroidered Kente Regular price $350
RAW COCOA BUTTER Unrefined Pure GHANA Regular price $3.99 +